Tips for Choosing the Right Jewelry for your Outfit.

Hello Ladies, Today I thought we could chat about choosing the right piece of jewelry for your outfits neckline. Often times I find myself too busy concentrating on family, work and a million other things that my beautiful jewelry collections go unworn and neglected. That's where this fun and informative graphic comes into play!
Starting at the top left with a winter favorite, the one and only Turtleneck. Turtleneck's are the perfect canvas to show off your medium and long accent or pendant necklaces. The necklace length elongates the torso area and offers an attractive focal point to your ensemble. The crew style neckline is made for shorter necklaces such as a dainty chain charm combo, a detailed bib or a full collar necklace. Avoid chokers and long accent necklaces with this style to steer clear of clashing.
Next is a fan favorite, the scoop neck. One of the easiest necklines to accessorize, for it pairs perfectly with necklaces that are layered, have volume or contain a larger pendant. Don't be afraid to be bold and fill the space, the results will please you. Strapless necklines are extremely versatile! Anything from a short and simple chain and charm combo to a multi strand choker or a medium length accent necklace will complete this hot summer look.
Speaking of hot summer looks, we cant forget about the classic tank top. Angular pendants and long accent necklaces work well with the squared off chest space. As tempting as it is, avoid accessorizing tank tops in the same way you would a scoop neckline to avoid a square or boxy appearance. Moving on to the sleek and sassy style of the off the shoulder neckline. This is a great style to accessorize using your favorite choker or asymmetrical necklace. Another option is to ditch the necklace altogether and rock your over the shoulder look with your favorite pair of bold earrings.
The halter top pairs nicely with a small pendant or choker necklace that simply fills the limited space. Another option is to forgo the necklace all together and replace with a pair of studs and a bracelet. Another style that gets a lot of wear time and is easy to accessorize is the V neck. Simply fill the space with a necklace that mimics the necklines shape such as a V shaped pendant or statement piece. Simple studs also make a nice pairing with this style.
For collar shirts, it’s safest to keep it simple with a small and delicate chain or pendant necklace. Or throw out the necklace idea all together and snap on your favorite pair of studs. The cowl neckline is extremely flattering and acts as your focal point, eliminating the need for a necklace. Substitute statement earrings and a bracelet and you’re ready to shine.
The sweetheart neckline, popular in wedding dresses looks stunning with a simple chain and pendant necklace that lays 2-3” above the neckline. If you’re looking to add some edge to your look try incorporating a short yet bold statement piece. Last but certainly not least is the boat neckline. Accessorize this sleek and sexy style with a statement piece, choker or single layer necklace that fills the open space of the neckline. You could also choose to omit the necklace all together and substitute with your favorite statement earrings.
There you go my friends, you’re now ready to accessorize every style neckline like a pro! Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed please like, comment & share.


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