End the Stigma Kollection

No, you're not seeing things.....that's a marijuana leaf!

Are you Mortified, Intrigued or Laughing?

Maryland Cannabis leaf image designed by MD Sketch Artist, Phil Hanson @philinthepapers

Those are the 3 reactions I generally receive when I share that I'm a MD Medical Cannabis Patient who believes in the medicinal value of cannabis, and that's okay.

My intention behind the End the Stigma Kollection is to simply start the conversation and plant the seed that cannabis could be a viable option for you or a loved one.

 I encourage you to take an updated look into cannabis and how it is adding quality and relief to the lives of millions.

It may not be for you but it could benefit someone you love.

I am a proud volunteer for both Americans for Safe Access and Advocates for Medical Cannabis Patients. Learn more by visiting: