Care Instructions

Care for your Krystle Kollection piece by avoiding contact
with abrasive chemical & oil based products (spray, lotions, shampoo, chemical based cleaners, etc.) and ocean or chlorinated water whenever possible.
If contact is made, rinse with a mild soap, I recommend Dawn and water, then dry completely.
When not in use, store sealed in the plastic bag.
This will help reduce oxidizing &/ tarnishing.
Ear wire, chain components are made using .925 sterling silver or gold filled materials with the exception of the stainless steel bezel trays used for the End the Stigma earring and pin kollection.
All Krystle Kollection designs are hypoallergenic (nickel and lead free).
Use a silver polishing cloth to restore piece to its original shine.
Thank you for choosing the Krystle Kollection,
Best Wishes, Krystle Koontz