Abalone Shell Square Dangle Earrings

Abalone Shell Square Dangle Earrings

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The lustrous Abalone shell is a type of mollusk like clams and oysters with a durable shell that's known to have healing properties. This shell plays a variety of rolls, from feeding marine life to decorating women all across the world. Ancent Cultures believed that the shells hold and attract the oceans healing & soothing energies.  

Handcrafted with authentic abalone shell  chips and Non-toxic epoxy resin.  Each charm is poured and cured with time, good vibrations and patience. Once cured, each pendant is cleaned, polished and completed on a 12mm infinity hoop earrings.

Charm measures slightly under .75"length & height, .125" width.

Measures slightly over 1.25" long when worn. 

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